January '18 Spotify Playlist

29 January 2018

New year, same me tbh.

I went home over christmas and new year, reunited with my friends and had a lot of fun.
Then I went back to Warsaw, reunited with my Erasmus friends and had a lot of fun too.

I  got the chance to see Wolf Alice in Warsaw, earlier this month, and they did not disappoint. If I had musical talent of some sort Ellie Rowsell is a 100% who I'd aspire to be. The venue they played was tiny and the crowd was lovely.
After the show I socialised with a couple of other Erasmus students who are in Warsaw for the year, which is great as everyone from my school, aka my friends for the last 4 months, is leaving after this semester.
The fact that everyone's leaving and the thought of having to make a whole new group of friends has been stressing me out a bit. The fact that I've socialised more in the last 4 months than I've probably done in the past 10 years made me a bit unsure about whether I had any friend making abilities left. But hey, the Wolf Alice show was a nice confirmation that I still have the capacity to talk to new people. Doing great.

This months playlist consists of something old, something new, something freshly released and a reissue.



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