September '17 Spotify Playlist

3 October 2017

More justified title: 'Anthems to pack your shit to'.
For real.

As some of you may or may not know, I've recently moved to Warsaw. And by recently I mean literally a week ago. Before moving however I had to somehow get my shit together, literally and figuratively.
Packing has never been my strong point (is it anyone's really?), and most definitely not when I have to pack my whole life into boxes and suitcases that can be contained by an average sized car.

I do not only have an odd attachment to a lot of small, hard to pack, objectively useless objects, I also have no spatial insight whatsoever, apparently. But hey, I got here, and I have a lot of stuff to get me through the year.

I moved here to study by the way. Studying abroad has been on my mind for a fair bit, but being a tourist in a randomly chosen sunny European destination for a year isn't really my thing, so I went with Poland. My mom's Polish and most of my family lives in Warsaw, so it somewhat feels like home. 

Stay tuned for more Warsaw adventures.


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