Red and Zebra

1 May 2017
I think I'm gonna add some life update kinda things to this post.
Let me know if I get too cringy at any point, will ya?

So first of, the pictures below. This outfit is basically my uniform.
The leopard print and biker jacket give it an 'edge' (kinda hate that word, but you catch my drift) and the lace up heels give it a fun 'girly' touch (also hate that word, will work on expanding my English blogging vocabulary sometime in the future). The combination of the above with mom jeans makes for a very comfortable combination. 

So, some life things.
It's a kinda busy/stressful period considering exams are soon, deadlines are piling up and the Erasmus pressure is on. I got lucky this period and only have 4 exams (compared to 8 last period), but the fact that every mark gets me closer to Erasmus or removes me further from it adds an extra edge to every piece of schoolwork I deliver. 
I'm planning to go on Erasmus to Warsaw next year, for a whole year, but that requires me to pass every subject this year, which isn't too self-evident in Belgian uni culture. Combining the school pressure with looking for a place to live, planning the trip there etc. knowing that failing 1 class could possibly mean having to cancel everything creates a quite a bit of stress. 
But hey, nothing's impossible so I'm just going for it, keeping in mind that things might not go exactly as I want them to. A healthy attitude if I say so myself.

Apart from that I've also been experimenting with Instagram and blogging quite a bit.
I've gone through a variety Instagram fases ranging from posting whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted to sticking to a very defined theme that required specific colors and editing. At this point I think I'm somewhere in the middle, I want everything to kinda fit together and I delete things that break my feed from time to time, but there's room for spontaneous pictures and all kinds of settings.
As far as blogging goes, I'm still not quite sure what to do and how to do it, so I just post what I feel like whenever I feel like it. I might keep things this way and keep this as a no pressure platform that's an extension of my Instagram and a musical outlet.
Let me know what you think!

Here's one in color for outfit references, but real talk, everything's better in black and white.

Top - Bershka
Jacket - H&M
Jeans - Bershka
Shoes - Bershka

None of the above are linked, due to the fact that everything I'm wearing is relatively old.
I would apologise, but then again, I don't buy new clothes every week.
 Enjoy the outfit inspo!

Pics by Kawtar 


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