Faux fur & Red Boots

3 April 2017
Outfit post nr. II

Improvement has been made and every picture is at least 7,9% less awkward than the last outfit post.
At this pace you'll get a decent outfit posts in about a year, woohoo, *that confetti party emoji*.

We've had some very sunny days the last couple of weeks, but I am in no way ready to part with
faux fur. So I basically bought a faux fur jacket from the kids section at Primark, that is so tiny it looks cropped when I wear it, and pretend it's spring appropriate. #lifehack

Jacket - Primark (similar)
Top - Zara
Jeans - Bershka
Boots - Zara (similar)
Bag - Chloé

Pictures - KimOfPeace


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