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5 March 2017
Music is like, a pretty big deal to me.

It's what wakes me up in the morning, gets me going during the day and makes me fall asleep at night. It's my shoulder to cry on and my partner in crime. Music and the people behind it make life so much better, hence why they mean a big deal to me. 
For the longest time I've had an on/off outsider status, as fashion changed so did people's opinion on me. This has not only thought me to stick to my personal style and stay true to myself, but has also caused me to look for motivation in music rather than in other people.
Nothing can put a smile on my face or make me cry like music does. Nothing can comfort me or make me feel like everything's alright like music does. It's a necessity.

Long story short, I'm a professional fangirl in a loving relationship with her Spotify subscription.

My current partners in crime:

1. Blossoms

 Getaway / Fourteen / Cut me and I'll bleed / Honey Sweet / Polka Dot Bones

Their vintage sounding, ridiculously catchy indie songs made me fall in love with them instantly.
I discovered them completely randomly, I was at Rock Werchter (music festival) last year and was looking at the schedule trying to decide who to go see. I saw the name Blossoms and it sounded oddly familiar to me, so I decided to check them out. When they came on stage I recognised the drummer for some reason and later figured that he was a girl that I follow on Instagram's (SophiaRosemary) boyfriend, hence the familiarity.

2. The Hunna

Brother / You & Me / Bonfire / She's Casual

Energetic catchy indie rock. Makes you want to get shit done and jump around whilst doing it.

3. Declan McKenna

Brasil / Isombard / The Kids Don't Wanna Go Home

Feel good songs that put an instant smile on your face. Every song has a very genuine feel to it and is perfect for calming down.

4. Ed Sheeran

Give Me Love / Caste On The Hill / Happier / Small Bump 

With his new album in sight, I rediscovered Ed Sheeran.
This one doesn't need an explanation.

5. Cigarettes After Sex


The best sad songs out there.
Warning: do not listen when wearing non-waterproof mascara

6. Catfish and the Bottlemen 

Fallout / Pacifier / Business / Sidewinder

Perfection. Just really, really, really, really good non pretentious indie rock.

7. The 1975

Milk / Robbers / Paris / Antichrist

The embodiment of postmodern pop music.

8. The Amazons

Ultraviolet / Nightdriving / In My Mind 

Amazing rock music, makes you feel like a bad-ass, gets stuck in your head forever.


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