August '18 Spotify Playlist

2 September 2018

Tolerable music to listen to during your, extremely dull, commute to work.

Working life has been pretty good so far. I'm still alive and functioning, what more can I ask for? The only thing that has bothered me for the past 2 months is the full 3 hours it took me to go to work and back. I feel like I've read every book I own, know every song in my downloaded playlists by heart and cannot get any better at sudoku. My phone doesn't have infinite memory and I genuinely have no clue where my iPod is, so here's a playlist that won't murder your phone memory and you won't get sick of all too quickly.


Unpublished V

These posts are were I archive my unpublished posts, for my pleasure and your convenience,

July '18 Spotify Playlist

3 August 2018

WHAT TIME IS IT? It's summer time boys.

So here's a copious amount of summer appropriate tunes. They're festival-, sunbathing and extensive commutes-proof.



June '18 Spotify Playlist

10 July 2018

It's late, again, but hear me out

June's been a busy one, exams, moving back to Belgium and music festivals did leave me with little time to post a playlist, but gave me a decent amount of time to collect a solid amount of ideal start of the summer tunes.



May '18 Spotify Playlist

31 May 2018

The world has been blessing us with and endless stream of incredible albums the last couple of months, and I'm not complaining.

Instead of the random combinations of good music that I've been throwing at you since the beginning of the year, here is some new stuff in the form of actual new releases and great discoveries.



April '18 Spotify Playlist

8 May 2018

I'm late again, but hey, what else is new.

I visited home, for the last time before actually coming back next month, and completely abandoned my socials. Which wasn't too bad tbh, but no worries, reviving the corpse of my Instagram asap.
Music wise, the last months have been filled with some solid releases, we got new material from Miles Kane, George Ezra's new album is pretty good and The Vaccines have finally blessed us with new material. So hooray for that.
This months playlist is 50% faves from recent releases and 50% fresh discoveries. 


March '18 Spotify Playlist

10 April 2018

It's April, I know, but lets pretend it's March for the duration of this blogpost.

March was chaotic and I was a mess. Which mainly means I listened to a lot of music, but forgot to share it with the world.
I started longing for summer, but had to live in below zero temperatures, so I sought refuge in happy summer music, with just a hint of 'How is it still this cold?' darkness.



February '18 Spotify Playlist

22 February 2018

February's been pretty chill.

Did a couple of exams, passed (thank god), and returned back home. 
The trip back home went really well and the upcoming semester is looking pretty interesting, so only good things ahead.

I don't really have any interesting life updates to share, but after months of, basically, stalking different radio stations, concert venues and record labels I was able to get myself an internship for the summer. Turns out not a lot of places are looking for interns outside of the school year, but sending a few e-mails containing shameless self promotion (and your CV of course) can, apparently, change  some peoples' minds.
So remember kids, when you want something, shamelessly self promote in the hope someone takes you on.


Music shaming and the non-existence of guilty pleasures

31 January 2018

January '18 Spotify Playlist

29 January 2018

December '17 Spotify Playlist

31 December 2017

November '17 Spotify Playlist

22 November 2017

October '17 Spotify Playlist

24 October 2017

September '17 Spotify Playlist

3 October 2017

August '17 Spotify Playlist

1 September 2017

Unpublished IV

July '17 Spotify Playlist

2 August 2017

Unpublished III

It's not because it doesn't fit into my Instagram theme that it shouldn't be published.

June '17 Spotify Playlist

13 July 2017

It's really, really, really late, but I didn't want to miss out on a playlist, so let's just ignore the post date, shall we?

June was a month of looking forward to things, the end of finals, summer and last, but not least, music festivals.
So here's a combination of music that will calm you down and inject you with positive vibes.


May '17 Spotify Playlist

13 June 2017

Better late than never, right?

I usually post my playlists for a certain month at the end of that month, which doesn't really make sense, considering naming the playlist after the month that people will actually be listening to it makes way more sense. So that's what I'm going to try and do from now on.
And real talk, I need to find a better visual representation for my playlists than my current shitty Canva 'collages'. But hey, blogging is a process of growth so things will get better, somehow, someday. 

That being said let's move on the the actual playlist.
Good weather makes me happy, and we've had a lot of it. And it didn't just kinda 'lift me up', I've felt like a straight up ray of sunshine during the whole of May and this playlist sure reflects that. 
Everything's a bit softer, happier and on average 23% less depressing than previous playlists. 

This is the part where I initially wrote some kind of apology for the amount of Harry Styles songs in the playlist, but then I realised that's not something I should apologise for. Your taste in music or any kind of cultural consumption or self expression is not something you should be ashamed of, or apologise for, ever, EVER.
When you see people enjoy or do certain things that make them happy and don't harm you, leave them be. There's absolutely nothing cool about shaming people for liking things that are too popular, obscure or basic. If certain music makes certain people happy let them be happy.
If you find joy in listening to a certain artist, you wan't the whole world to experience that warm, fuzzy feeling as well, no? I don't see the point to people taking pride in listening to artists that are unknown and wanting them to stay that way. If you truly like that artist and look up to them in some way you'd want them to have ambition and get somewhere with their music, right? And if that music makes you happy you want nothing more than for as many people as possible to experience the positive vibes you get from that music as well, don't you? But hey, that's just my opinion.

Enough ranting, here's the playlist.


April '17 Spotify Playlist

4 May 2017

Here's May for ya.

Going through my Spotify recently I noticed I've been making these every month for almost 2 years now. That feels like such a long time. I then also proceeded to go through every single playlist, all 21 of them.
It was funny to see how my music taste has evolved, but essentially, is still the same. I've discovered quite a bit of new music over the past 2 years and I learned to dig deeper in my search for new music, but every playlist still evolves around a handful of 'core' artist that define my taste in music.

Enough general information. This months playlist is a feel good playlist, no overly depressing or down songs, just a good accumulation of good vibes. 


Unpublished II

3 April 2017

My Instagram has a theme now (kinda).
Which means a lot more unpublished pictures and deleted pictures, and for some reason I think it's a good idea to throw these into a blogpost. I have no clue how to introduce these kind of posts because there is no consistency to the images whatsoever, it's pure chaos.
Enjoy the chaos.

March '17 Spotify Playlist

2 April 2017

Well, March was fun.

The sun's out and that calls for positive, summery vibes and grime, that too, for some reason.


February '17 Spotify Playlist

6 March 2017
I'm late.

We're well in to March, but I couldn't deal the idea of missing a monthly playlist. This one had a general 'woohoo' exams are done, let's go wild vibe to it.


Current music favourites

5 March 2017
Music is like, a pretty big deal to me.

It's what wakes me up in the morning, gets me going during the day and makes me fall asleep at night. It's my shoulder to cry on and my partner in crime. Music and the people behind it make life so much better, hence why they mean a big deal to me. 
For the longest time I've had an on/off outsider status, as fashion changed so did people's opinion on me. This has not only thought me to stick to my personal style and stay true to myself, but has also caused me to look for motivation in music rather than in other people.
Nothing can put a smile on my face or make me cry like music does. Nothing can comfort me or make me feel like everything's alright like music does. It's a necessity.

Long story short, I'm a professional fangirl in a loving relationship with her Spotify subscription.

My current partners in crime:

1. Blossoms

Unpublished Miami

19 February 2017

A lot of good looking buildings and street art.

January '17 Spotify Playlist

13 February 2017

    Soundtrack to my January study breakdown, with just a hint of the end is near.
Perfect for: staring out the window melancholically and underwear mirror dancing.


December '16 Spotify Playlist

8 January 2017

Songs to accompany your pre-exam breakdown, with just a hint of christmas.


Unpublished I

5 December 2016


November '16 Spotify Playlist

3 December 2016
I made a mostly non depressing playlist,
that helps you get shit done,
and makes casually walking down the street feel about 13,7% cooler.

About half of the playlist makes you feel as if you've just walked into a generic indie rock party and the other half is a mix between songs with a vintage edge, new indie rock that you won't usually hear at generic indie rock parties and a couple of ridiculously depressing songs, no playlist is complete without.


October '16 Spotify Playlist

8 November 2016

October has been ridiculously busy,
but being on the go a lot meant a desperate need for new music.
In between classes, group-assignment-meeting, youth council meetings and the occasional party, there is time that needs to be filled up with music. Due to the versatility of my activities this month this playlist is a complete mess. You might find yourself listening to 'Beggin for thread' by Banks followed by 'Affection' by Cigarettes After Sex.
But hey, if emotional rollercoasters are your thing (they're definitely mine),